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Mission Statement

“To serve the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and service available.”

Every decision we make for our practice, is based on this mission statement.

By following our mission statement, we have successfully helped over 24,000 people in North Central Ohio, improve their hearing since 1986.  We have grown from two locations and four employees to our current 10 locations and 20 employees.

The best products and services are of limited value without the knowledge and   expertise to best utilize all the advanced technology.  That’s why Hear Wright insists on 50 hours a year of continuing education classes for each of our professional dispensing staff.

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Hear Wright offers a complete line of Hearing Instruments from the smallest, hidden completely in the canal, to the most powerful. We have systems that connect without wires to your phone, TV and music. We provide the best instruments available from all manufacturers.  This gives you the opportunity to choose help for your hearing that meets your hearing needs as well as your budget.


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   Cleveland television personality and HearWright client and spokesman, Don Webster, being fitted with his new hearing devices by audiologist and owner, Mary Beth Wright.  Don's devices are almost unnoticable in his ear canal. 





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Lyric CAN!

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Lyric is the world’s first 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device. It can be worn 24/7 for months at a time and there are no batteries to change, no maintenance needed and no daily insertion or removal is required.

 Call your hearing health professionals at HearWright to schedule an appointment to discuss this cutting edge technology!